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Photos | Isola d'Elba & Porto Azzurro

The third stop on our 2-week vacation was to the island of Elba about 3 hours north of Rome on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Due to our daughter being sick and the logistics of getting to the island (3 hour drive from Florence, 1 hour Ferry ride, and another 30 minutes to Porto Azzurro), my wife and I almost decided to cancel this stop. But as it turned out, a couple days at the beach and another change of scenery were exactly what we needed and this ended up being one of our favorite parts of the trip.

Below are a stream of photos that I took with my iPhone and edited in the Lightroom Mobile app. When I have more time, I will come back and add context to these sets of photos, but for now enjoy the raw moments from the ferry, hanging out at the beach, and spending time in the colorful little town of Porto Azzurro.

*Note: I decided to post photos in a random order so stay tuned for other blog posts from our 1st and 2nd stops