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Photos | Italy by air

Last week our little family returned from an incredible 2-week Italian vacation. If you followed along on my Instagram you would know that this trip was much more difficult than we could have imagined due to our 9 month old daughter getting a fever and a few new teeth. Even though she didn't feel well, we made the most of our trip by enjoying as much pasta, pizza, wine, gelato, pool/beach time, and catching up with family.

Now that we've had a chance to adjust back to our normal life in Atlanta, I've started going through the hundreds of photos I took on our trip. First up are the aerial photos I took with my #DJIMavicPro drone. We stayed in four main locations while on our trip (Colle di Tora, Tuscany, Elba, and Rome) however due to weather and time I only flew my drone in Colle di Tora and Tuscany (specifically San Gimignano). I'm so glad I brought the Mavic with me because the photos from above provide such a unique perspective into these historic tiny villages and the Italian country side.

Check out the over 20 aerial photos below and let me know what you think.

Colle di Tora

This town of approximately 400 residents is located 50km outside of Rome and is where my dad is from / where I spent summers as a kid. Growing up here, this town never felt too small as there was always somewhere new to ride my bike near the lake or in the mountains. However, seeing the houses from above with their terracota roofs makes you appreciate how special this little peninsula is jetting out into Lago del Turano.

San Gimignano

This beautiful Tuscan town is located about an hour south of Florence in the heart of the Chianti wine region. We spent the early part of the day at the incredible #Torciano winery tasting the best Chianti, Brunello, and olive oil this area has to offer. Following our tasting, we made the short but breath-taking 15 minute drive to San Gimignano for some sight-seeing and world-class gelato. The town was very charming with several beautiful churches and countless boutique shopping stores. Although we weren't blown away by the gelato, we had a great little afternoon wandering the cobblestone streets taking in all of the unique shops, people watching, and street performances.

Follow my instagram for photos from this trip: @alessiorloreti

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