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Photos | Piedmont Park in B&W

I find myself in Piedmont Park quite a bit as I work in Midtown and because it's one of my favorite places to take photos in Atlanta. If you're not from #Atlanta, Piedmont Park is our largest park in the city, and in addition to having sports fields, a lake, dog parks, and a Botanical Gardens, it also holds several major festivals and events throughout the year.

One of the reasons I enjoy taking photos around this park so much is the contrast of nature and skyscrapers that can be seen from so many different vantage points. I typically go for walks around Midtown at lunch to get out of the office and get some fresh air, and earlier this week decided to stroll through Piedmont Park and take some photos on my #iphonex.

Below are a few of the shots I took along my walk. One thing you will notice from the photos is how empty the park is at this time of day. It was kind of eerie as any other time of day it is crowded with people walking their dogs, working out, or having a picnic.

I decided to edit the photos in Black & White because the natural light at 1pm in the middle of the summer is really harsh. Editing in B&W is rare for me, as you might notice if you scroll through my website and see how much I enjoy highlighting vibrant colors in photographs, but I really like the contrast that is highlighted with editing them this way.

Btw, these photos make for some cool #iphone wallpapers. Just press and hold on any of the images and you can save them to your phone. The first photo is currently the background on my lock screen :)

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