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Photos | Tuscany & Roma

For the second series of photos from our 2-week Italian vacation, I've decided to post photos from our 2nd and 4th stops - I know, I know, this is a really haphazard way of releasing images. For the first roundup of photos, check out my previous blog post here.


This was actually the last stop on our trip, but I only took a few photos during our two-nights in Roma so I've decided to post the photos with the Tuscany pics. Roma is one of my favorite cities in the world mostly due to the history which seems to pop up around every corner, but also because of the food, weather and people. Since my wife and I did so much sightseeing in this city just 16 months prior, we decided to spend the little bit of time we had shopping, seeing old friends, and getting our last fixes of authentic pizza and pasta before heading back home to the U.S.


Following 6 days in Colle di Tora (pics still to be posted), we set off for 3 nights in a gorgeous boutique hotel property on the outskirts of Florence. This charming and relaxing hotel lived up to its name (Marignolle Relais & Charme) and was an incredible property that was perfect as a homebase for our expeditions around Tuscany. Even though it didn't have a ton of amenities, it had just what we needed (pool, breakfast, living room area, and gardens) plus it was just 10 mins from the center of Florence and close to the highway for easy access to anywhere in Tuscany. Speaking of that, while we were in Tuscany we made day trips to Montepulciano, San Gimignano, and a winery tour of the amazing Tenuta Torciano Winery.